Using Zen 5 Theme for Drupal to Create a Responsive Website

[Setting: Maria’s office. Jen and Maria both have coffee and are tap-tap-tapping away on their respective MacBooks as they work on their clients’ websites.]

Maria: Hey, we should have a blog post on widget doo-hickeys. I’ve got it all organized in my head.

Jen: That sounds great! Here, I’ll capture that as a to-do item in WorkFlowy.

Then, because we are nerds, we keep developing our clients’ websites and neglect writing blog posts.

So here’s a “quick and dirty” blog post. When we develop a client’s website using the Drupal content management system, we usually create a child theme of the popular and flexible Zen 5 theme. Recently I ran across a good YouTube video on using Zen and its Zen Grids feature to develop responsive websites.  

The narrator of this video developed the Zen theme and knows whereof he speaks. It’s worth watching: Creating Responsive Drupal Sites with Zen Grids and the Zen 5 Theme [July 19, 2012]. (A caveat: the audio is quite poor quality, but is still audible. Watch this video for the content, not the production values.) 

And what the dickens is WorkFlowy, you ask?  It’s a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use outline application that we use to organize all sorts of information. Check it out at Naturally, writing a blog post on how we use WorkFlowy is a bullet point on our to-do list in WorkFlowy.

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