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Posts whose audience is potential or current clients. These posts will give you a general idea how we do things.

Need IT Services? We know who to call, and it's not Ghostbusters.

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As the resident IT expert at my house, I often wonder how people who don't have the time or know-how to deal with residential IT issues cope. And those issues are only magnified if you run a small business.

The good folks at ComplexIT in Lexington can help you out. Steve & Katherine specialize in computer & IT help that is both local and personalized. They're smart, they're nice, and they can talk in plain English in addition to Geek. Read more about Need IT Services? We know who to call, and it's not Ghostbusters. »


We need another propeller hat!

The Just Magic Design nerd quotient doubled when Jen Brown joined JMD in late 2013.

Jen has extensive experience as a software developer, including a stint at Oracle Corporation.  Her professional strengths include technical expertise, attention to detail, and solid teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. She holds a BA in Computer Science from Yale University. Read more about We need another propeller hat! »


The Zen Magic starter project

One of the main principles of software development is Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY). When writing code, we spend a lot of time "factoring out" the common parts into reuseable chunks. But when I started each new web development project, I found myself repeating the same steps over and over -- come up with an estimate, customize a contract, download the core CMS files, download the same set of contributed modules/plugins that I use for every site, set up basic configuration, do the same sorts of customizations to my base theme, etc. I decided it was time to DRY up my project management. Read more about The Zen Magic starter project »