Need IT Services? We know who to call, and it's not Ghostbusters.

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As the resident IT expert at my house, I often wonder how people who don't have the time or know-how to deal with residential IT issues cope. And those issues are only magnified if you run a small business.

The good folks at ComplexIT in Lexington can help you out. Steve & Katherine specialize in computer & IT help that is both local and personalized. They're smart, they're nice, and they can talk in plain English in addition to Geek.

Full disclosure: ComplexIT has referred a couple of their clients to us for website services. But that's not why we recommend them -- we recommend them because they're good people who do good work. Plus, they love dogs (scroll down at link to see Steve's picture for proof).



About Jen Brown

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Jen is a website and software developer at Just Magic Design. She has a degree in Computer Science from Yale University and loves problem solving. Jen’s other roles include violinist, knitter, humanist, and age-grouper triathlete. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, her two sons, and their ever-so-cute canine companion, Lily the mutt. She loves snow, good science fiction novels, and Irish Breakfast tea.


Translating between Geek and plain English is indeed a talent! Plus, Steve and Katherine also have a sense of humor. Those are two great skills to have when you're helping normal people deal with technical issues because we all know that technology should just work and it's really frustrating when it refuses to.

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