Dollation is an on-line community for people who love dolls. Even though the site is a hobby site, it is very technically demanding since it is a community-edited resource of doll-related information. This was a perfect application for Drupal.

Dollation was implemented in Drupal 7 and makes very rich use of content types and Views. Registered users can add entries to the Dollipedia (an community-edited doll encyclopedia) about doll companies, doll brands, and so on. They can also keep track of their own doll collection and upload photos of their dolls.

Besides the Views module which is criticaly important, this site uses these modules (among many others):

  • Events for the calendar of doll-related events
  • WYSIWYG to make text entry easy for web novices
  • Forums for communicating with each other and the site admins
  • Feeds module to aggregate blog posts from doll-related blogs around the world
  • Amazon module to get information about doll-related books
  • module to add metadata for search engines
  • Locations module for making it easy to map and search doll-related places.