Foundation Beyond Belief

Foundation Beyond Belief, a charitable non-profit, had a broken website. It had not been maintained and even had a number of design flaws. When Just Magic Design started work on the website, it could not be edited; even the blog functionality was broken!

Just Magic Design has worked closely with FBB staff on an ongoing basis to determine what website solutions best fit the organization's needs. Due to some custom functionality in the website, the right choice for FBB was to improve the existing site step by step rather than to re-design and re-implement it.

Just Magic Design has worked on all of aspects of this Wordpress site: front end, back end, and in between. The UI has been re-worked and streamlined. Currently we are working on improving functionality the user flow of the donation system. We've also added new functionality as need arises.

This project is a great example of how we can jump into a new situation and help out an organization facing a confusing set of technical problems. We've also proven effectiveness as part of a virtual team -- FBB staff is scattered throughout the country. We continue to make strides forward with the Foundation's website, and we love working with this small yet impactful organization.