Just Magic Design

You are here! Our goal for this website is to show off what we've done and encourage people to give us more work. (Gotta save for the kids' college tuition!) Since we wanted the focus to be on our work which has a wide variety of styles, we chose a very minimalist color scheme and design. Then we accented it with rabbits just for fun. Part of our mission is to help take the stress out of developing websites for our clients. We know that technology can sometimes be initimidating and frustrating, but if you're working with competent people who you can trust and who love what they do, the process can actually be (dare we say it?) fun.

We ended up choosing Drupal 7 for this project after starting it on WordPress because we wanted the flexibility of custom content types and views to make the Portfolio. (And Views Slideshow to help make the homepage slideshow of screenshots, which was made easy by a custom image style). At the same time, we updated our starter project (more about that in the Blog) to add a number of features to Drupal's blog capability to make it more on par with WordPress (things like allowing an About the Author block above the comments, automatic notification of comments pending admin approval, etc.)

This is the first site we've made that uses the new Drupal Zen 5 theme as a base, which adds responsive, mobile first capability as well as the Sass CSS preprocessor and Compass framework. That's geek-speak for "this site and our future sites that use our starter project use today's web development best practices". Open Source, FTW!