Strod Creatives is the personal website of writer and photographer Debbie Strod. Debbie uses the website to showcase her stories and photos, to let people know when she'll be exhibiting or speaking, to allow people to buy prints of her photographs, and to blog about the world from the point of view of someone who finds beauty and creative potential in the everyday. As Debbie says in her welcome message:

When I was a child, my mother always took sensitive pictures, and my father always told me bedtime stories.  As a parent, I started to write down the stories I told my children at night, and share those stories in their classrooms.  I also like to use a camera to help my children and others see the world in new ways.  We love to zoom in on a seemingly conventional sight - boiling water, raindrops on a windshield, some yarn on a carpet.  Other times, what I see as I go through my day is just too beautiful or interesting not to share - a sunset, a wave, an insect, a leaf, or in those special moments, a pair of laughing elephants!  Friends started to ask me to share my pictures and stories more widely, and this website is my first start at doing just that.

The website was created using Drupal 7 with a custom theme based on the Zen Magic base theme. Leveraging the power of Drupal allows Debbie to easily add content to the site so she can concentrate on what she does so beautifully — being amazingly creative and generous with her talents!