These are some of the sites we have made. Click on a screenshot thumbnail for a bigger version but be patient since the files are necessarily large.

David Kimball, Global Citizen

David Kimball wanted a website to showcase his notes and writings about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  We created the design from scratch and organized David's work by category into "books" to make it easier for the user to read.  Each book page can also organized by tags.  The user can search the website for a string of text or can use the tag cloud to search based upon tags.  All of the content of the site, both writing and graphics, are customizable by David, with on-line documentation provided.  Read more about David Kimball, Global Citizen »

New England Industrial Properties

The website for New England Industrial Properties was a small, practical website for a local, established commercial real estate firm. "Just the facts, ma'am", was the directive but, by leveraging our responsive toolkit, we still developed a mobile-friendly site with a slideshow and contact form in a few weeks, within budget, including delivering the logo as a scalable vector graphic. All of the content of the site, including the pictures and order of the slides is completely customizable by the owner, with on-line documentation provided.  Read more about New England Industrial Properties »

Concord Area Humanists

The Concord Area Humanists are a non-profit group in Concord, MA.

The website is done in Drupal 7 with a custom theme designed to match the group's customized Meetup.com page where the calendar of events is maintained.

Features include a slideshow on the homepage, an Upcoming Events block on the home page that reads from Google Calendar, a blog and more. Read more about Concord Area Humanists »