Finally, a website!

One of my potential clients once compared to the shoemaker's children. For a long time, the website was just an image of a business card because we were too busy working on client sites to spend the time to make one for ourselves. It's exciting to finally have a "real" website to show people.

What do you think of the rabbit theme? (iStockphoto loves it.) We always tell our clients that their website should reflect their company's or organization's personality, so something playful was called for. I particularly like the "big ear" background on the contact page and the "oh no" background on the error pages. Of course, being playful might not be the best way to present ourselves when our potential clients are high tech companies, lawyers or investment advisors, but we'll assume that those folks will check out our portfolio and see that we can do "serious"  designs too. But with a business with Magic in the name, why be too serious?

One of the goals of the new site was to be a test case for the new Zen Magic starter project and it was a great exercise to make the site this way. I'm very confident that this will make the next project, which is a redesign, go much faster.

So, welcome to our new site and thanks for visiting!

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Maria wears the propellor hat at Just Magic Design. She has a degree in Computer Science from Brown University and has been making websites since 2002. Besides web development, Maria tries to keep up with her three school-age kids and serves on the boards of several non-profits. Her husband adds joy to her life and her dog adds slobber.

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