We need another propeller hat!

The Just Magic Design nerd quotient doubled when Jen Brown joined JMD in late 2013.

Jen has extensive experience as a software developer, including a stint at Oracle Corporation.  Her professional strengths include technical expertise, attention to detail, and solid teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. She holds a BA in Computer Science from Yale University.

When she isn't chasing Maria around trying to grab the propeller hat, Jen spends time with her family and the family dog, Lily the mutt.  She (Jen, not Lily) loves to read novels, drink tea, and sign up for triathlons.  (Lily loves to eat bacon.)

Now that Jen is on board, Just Magic Design can take on more work, and more people can have the great websites they need!



About Jen Brown

Jen Brown's picture
Jen is a website and software developer at Just Magic Design. She has a degree in Computer Science from Yale University and loves problem solving. Jen’s other roles include violinist, knitter, humanist, and age-grouper triathlete. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, her two teenage sons, and their ever-so-cute canine companion, Lily the mutt. She loves snow, good science fiction novels, and Irish Breakfast tea.

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